This week's theme

Bringing good news and building the church (1)

Today's reading

Acts 18:1-4, 18

Today's prayer

Christ, my Saviour, I am blessed because you have made me a new person through your grace and sacrifice on the cross. Thank you. May my life be devoted to serving you always. Amen

Fresh From the Word

Fresh from The Word 2024


Futher thought 2

For further thought

Do we sometimes make promises we cannot keep? Lets be honest and return Gods love by keeping our promises to him and to others.

Do we serve things that have no life, yet control all that we do? Let us serve our Lord, who gives us life every day.

Let us all become instruments of Gods peace and channel the love of God in all that we do.

A willingness to be flexible in how and where we serve God is important. Are we set in our ways or flexible when it comes to serving God?

Allow yourself to be recruited by God as a disciple of Christ, and to lead others to follow him as well.

Knowing Jesus means thinking, acting and having an attitude like Jesus. Do your actions show that you know Jesus or not?

The nuts and bolts of life are important. The purpose of the whole machine is even more so.

Jesus is more of a cartoonist than a carpenter. What do you make of that statement?

Do you dress to project an image of how you want others to see you?

How might you live more simply, tread more gently and love more openly today?

The world faces overwhelming challenges. What dreams might you pursue in order to win even a few small victories today?

A genuine offer of friendship is more valuable than a whole herd of camels!

Who is supporting you in your journey of faith?

Do you engage with the young people in your church community? If not, how can you do so?

Is there anything you are missing to be proficient and equipped to do Gods work?

In what capacity are you called to serve God wholeheartedly?

In many families there are estrangements and those who remove themselves from contact. How do we bring resolution where there have been differences, and how can we reconnect with lost family members?

Are we following in the footsteps of our faith nurturers? Are we constantly evaluating and ensuring the continuation of our faith?

Think about the films and books you have watched and read recently. What is their outlook on money?

Who do you know in leadership? How can you encourage them today?

Find out about the work of Cruse Bereavement Support in the UK ( or Mental Health America (

Which spiritual habits would you like to develop? Would a habit tracker journal help with that?

What styles of leadership have you observed? What would you say makes a good leader?

Who was the last female preacher or teacher who inspired you?

Blessed are the peacemakers. Are there situations at home or church where you can bring people together? Is exclusion or factionalism hurting your community?

Reflect on these words of the Lords Prayer: thy will be done. Where is the Holy Spirit urging you to change your tune?

Reflect on 2 Corinthians 9:67. Are you miserly with your love, time or money? Where could you be more generous?

What can you, or your faith community, do to support those who have been imprisoned for their beliefs? Aid to the Church in Need ( and the Barnabas Fund (www.barnabasfund. org) are two organisations working to help persecuted Christians.

They are not afraid of evil tidings; their hearts are firm, secure in the Lord (Psalm 112:7). Look for good news today and give thanks.

Which is your favourite psalm? Reflect on it and write your own psalm in response. What do you want to say to the Lord today?

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International Community

The states in which our FfTW notes are used in IBRA Nigeria, include the following states; Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, Kano, Oyum Kaduna, Edo, Ondu Osun and Taraba. The National President Rt Rev Dr Segun Okubadejo

It makes Bible become more relevant to their everyday situation and aiding the development of their spiritual stamina


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This week's writer

Ian Fosten has ministered within the United Reformed Church in Norfolk, Suffolk and on Holy Island (Lindisfarne). He is Director of a community theatre in Lowestoft, where he lives with his wife and two youngest children. He runs open-mic poetry readings,

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IBRA celebrated 140 years in 2022!

The knowledge and appreciation of the Bible carries on the 140-year-old IBRA tradition of encouraging people around the world. 

Read about our rich history and the origins of our founder Charles Waters, bank manager and Sunday School teacher – not a scholar, preacher, or public speaker – who had a gift for organisation and a vision for making the Bible accessible to all.

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