This week's theme

Held in God's hand: 2 Letting go

Today's reading

Jeremiah 31:3134

Today's prayer

Lord, let me see the words you have written on the hearts of my brothers and sisters, that I may learn to love and forgive as you do. Amen

Fresh From the Word

For further thought

As you meet people today, think about what God might have written on their heart.

What might God be creating in your life? What of the old can be forgotten and what of the new celebrated?

What it is time for in your life? Maybe write your own version beginning with A time for

Find one thing during each hour of today that you consider a gift to you from God.

The Christian memory is a shared memory, it shapes us, enriches us, challenges us. Other than the Bible, where else do we encounter that shared memory?

When Gods people remember, they are remade.

Who, at the end, will remember? The thief crucified with Jesus asked Jesus to remember him. And it was so.

Try not to liken your church leaders to Pooh characters. Oh, go on then.

Can you plan ahead today and secure a moment when you can pause and remember God?

On a good day, properly to remember Gods saving acts is to be saved. On a bad day, hey, it works just the same.

Are hopeful questions enough, or do you want and need more certainty? Why?

One of the issues in the UK today is funeral poverty. Read more about it on the website of the UKs ecumenical social justice charity, Church Action on Poverty.

Jesus preferred title in Mark is not Son of God but Son of Man or, better, Human one. Why?

Can you write a psalm or a prayer which expresses your anger and frustration, but which is also forgiving?

Can you see that choices still need to be made in our world today between the message of Jesus and that of Barabbas?

Failure, sorrow, restoration: ponder how these words apply in your life.

Is there something we need to tell God that is hidden deep in our hearts? Well, now is as good a time as any be honest with God, God can take it!

Is there a way that we can deepen our communion with God? Are we as faithful to God as he is to us? Its always a good thing for us to evaluate our relationship, and then do something to improve it.

Some things are worth saying no to. What things are getting in the way of our relationship with God? Be bold and courageous, and say the words that will make a difference.

Ponder on the things that really matter to you what might facing eternity at the end of our lives actually feel like? Give that thought some time today.

Perhaps its time to pause? To simply thank God in prayer, for who God is and not for what God might do. Give busyness a break.

Are you a light in the darkness of others? Maybe there are ways you can brighten up someones day with a simple phone call, or a word of encouragement this week.

What is your relationship with technology? Does it help your worklife balance, or hurt it?

Reflect on yourself where do you need more self-control? Try working on it.

How are your listening skills? Look into a course that will help to improve them.

Jesus said, Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy (Matthew 5:7). Whom can you show mercy to today?

Find the poem Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte. What can you learn from it?

Think consciously of the words you speak today. Try and make them wholesome and healing.

Think about your favourite biblical woman or female saint. What can you learn from them and put into practice in your own life?

Live simply, that others might simply live. Have a look at CAFODs Live Simply campaign on their website. How might you rise to this challenge at home and in your parish?

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