This week's theme

Going viral: communication in the Bible: 4 Going viral

Today's reading

Revelation 22:15

Today's prayer

Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me (Psalm 51:1112).

From Fresh From the Word 2018

For further thought

In scripture water is one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit. What does this communicate to you and what hope does this offer others?

If sent-ness is about incarnation embodying a Christ-like life for the transformation of others what does your sent-ness look like and how is it expressed?

What would prophecy, dreams and visions look like in your community? If God seems silent, what might be interfering with you hearing Gods prophetic voice?

What miracles does your community long for? Do you have the faith for it? If signs and wonders happened would there be more faith or fear?

If we sing what we believe and believe what we sing, what are we communicating? What are the marvellous things we should be singing about?

How does God want to use your personal experience of him to communicate his message?

Wear something red, yellow or orange tomorrow to celebrate the fire of Gods love shown through the giving of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian community is divided on a number of issues. Choose one and explore it fully, investigating all sides. What do you learn?

Read regularly Gods mighty acts in scripture so that you have a solid supply to draw on when believing becomes tough and God seems distant.

Its our job to be faithful, and Gods job to provide. In what ways does this saying ring true in your experience of faith?

How is leadership organised in your church? What more could be done to enable leaders to work collaboratively? How might you make a difference?

In what areas of faith do you need to widen your understanding? Ask God to help you grow and develop in faithfulness and love.

Read a familiar Bible passage today in a translation other than the one you usually use. What might you learn from these less familiar words?

Can you think of something that you have come to know about God through your experience of trying to live as a disciple of Jesus?

Take time to gaze around you today, just as Jesus might do. What do you notice, and how might you respond to what you see?

Which of Jesus parables is your favourite? What makes you choose that one in particular?

If somebody asked you to demonstrate some of the effects that Gods message has in your own life, how would you respond?

Can you recall any of the times and places when God has used you as a messenger, bringing the good news to those around you?

God wants to transform us. As we spend time with God we must become open to Gods ways of working. Are you ready?

In certain parts of the world religious freedoms have been eroded. Gods word must be etched in our hearts in readiness for the times ahead.

Meditating on Gods word and living his truths are vital ingredients for seeing him and finishing well. Do we have the right mix?

Criticism comes with leadership. Can spending more time with God help you cope?

Have you ever taken a few days off to sit and think? Try it.

How does the fact that God has feelings influence your relationship with him?

What type of blessing do you seek in your context? It is great to know that someone prays for the success of what we do.

Pay forward the good deed you have received, and one day someone will pay it forward to you. Such practice demonstrates sharing Gods love.

Consider what is the foundation of your life and that of your family is it culture, money or getting ahead at work? Or is it God?

What non-violent ways can we use to discipline children? How can we serve as role models for them?

To run any race, you must first stand up and move. Do you sometimes procrastinate before the race even begins? Make a difference, starting today.

Whom do you have faith in to get by? Yourself, others or God? Our faith in God helps us and each other through our struggles.

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Tim Yau is a Pioneer Missioner who works for the Anglican Diocese of Norwich. His role is to establish a worshipping community in the new housing development of Round House Park, Cringleford, and also act as a Mission Enabler encouraging Fresh Expressions

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