This week's theme

Hebrews: 2 The new covenant

Today's reading

Hebrews 10:1925

Today's prayer

O Lord, help us to make our churches and fellowships a place where everyone feels accepted and loved. Open our eyes and ears so that we can sense each others need and pain. Amen

From Fresh From the Word 2018

For further thought

How many in your church are you familiar with? Befriend a new person this Sunday and share a word of encouragement.

What has motivated some of your major life decisions recently?

What do Gods love and hope look like in a hospice ward?

How is the worship life of your church today? Does the language of Hebrews relate to your experience of worship, or not?

How many people have influenced you through the way they lived their life? How many have you influenced through yours?

What do you think about tithing? What do, or can, you give (remembering that giving is not always financial)? Where do you direct your giving?

Do one thing in response to Gods love, such as spending time in prayer, showing love to someone or practising a skill to serve God.

Where do you see abuses of power in leaders? And where do you see unrealistic expectations of leaders? How can you challenge this?

Of course, like Zacchaeus, we sometimes are called to hard work and struggle. How do you allow your faith to equip you for that?

What does it mean to be loyal or faithful to God? What are the characteristics of faithful members of the household of God?

Through this week, look for Gods image in the people you encounter. Remember that even though that image is tarnished, Gods love is perfect.

Look at your diary when and how can you make head and heart space to encounter holiness?

Try the exercise mentioned above. Repeat to yourself, whatever you are doing, I am a beloved child of God.

Bring to mind anyone you know who has experienced heartache in the last year. What tangible action can you take to show that their sadness is not forgotten?

Find something that nature alone has had a part in creating, sit with it and wonder at how beautifully it is made.

What is your unique prayer of exultation right now? Jot down some thoughts, or find words and music from elsewhere, and voice your prayer song aloud.

Bring to mind the movement of water in the sea or swirled around in a bowl. What does it mean to go with the flow?

Find an appropriate activity for this day of waiting perhaps go for a walk.

Write a lament psalm of your own and share it on our Facebook page today.

What messages are encoded in the food and drink we give or receive?

How does gossip manifest itself today, in the age of social media?

Consider writing a letter or email in support of a prisoner of conscience. Go to for suggestions.

When have you felt betrayed? How did you manage those emotions?

Share your collage as a focus for prayer with your study group, church or community of concern; and please share a picture of it on our Fresh from the Word Facebook group.

Reflect on the living memories in your own family, church or community that serve to keep alive old mistrust, suspicion or enmity.

Add images of hope to your collage.

Think about ways in which you might contribute to the welfare of the city, e.g. volunteering at a food bank or supporting community initiatives to end homelessness.

Make a donation to a humanitarian organisation today.

Continue to make your collage of images of devastation.

Continue to pray, asking God to bless those we know who are shepherds of the flock, recognising their human faults, respecting their task and naming them with love.

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