This week's theme

Are you the one?

Today's reading

Luke 6:4349

Today's prayer

Lord, provide us with the wisdom to build a firm foundation that is based solely on you, Jesus Christ.

Fresh From the Word

For further thought

Give thought to the kind of stable foundation you would like to build for your life in your Bible reading this year.

Reflect on the world-defining actions of Jesus we have read this week. What does it look like and feel like to live in a world with these values?

How can you find rest in the knowledge that God creates and liberates? How does this affect what we value, and impact who we are?

What groups have been marginalised by our cultures? How can we challenge how people are labelled through our use of language and our actions?

Check out Tearfunds Learning website for videos, pictures, blogs, the Footsteps magazine and stories of what Jubilee in practice can look like:

Where do you see Jesus mission taking shape around you today?

In what way can you seek to bring justice to those who are shackled by social and political structure?

How is your church fulfilling Christs manifesto in Luke 4:1819? What is your part in that? Whom might you encourage to join you in serving?

Need to discern a way forward or prepare spiritually for what lies ahead? Consider slowing down and taking a retreat in a quiet place.

Make an artistic representation of your name. As you spend time creating it, give thanks for the people who named you and ponder the ways that your name shapes you.

As you carry Jesus to and for others, pray that the Holy Spirit will release joy both in you and in all those you meet.

What can we learn from teenagers and young adults? What are the particular gifts they bring to our communities?

Spend some time today in silence and pray for those who are unable to speak or communicate with others.

It has been said that our lives may be the only Bible that some people read. What good news does your life share with the world?

How do the structures of your day, week, month and life free you to love God and others as yourself?

What are you reading? Is it worthy of a place in your mind and heart? Will it lead you Home?

Frederick Buechner says that our call is where our deep joy and the worlds deep need meet. What does your joy lead you to offer?

Is there a resolution you could make that would nurture the light within you?

Where or in what would you like to dwell? What would the abode God built for you look like?

If you can, spend some time today reflecting on verse 28.

Is there somewhere in your life that you are expecting too much from yourself? Can you ease that internal struggle today somehow?

We are the light of the world how can we offer this light to others today?

Where today could you be less demonstrative and more meditative?

How will you welcome Jesus into your own ordinary home today?

Where in your life are you striving to be good enough? How would it change if you stopped striving?

How relevant is Jesus, the difference maker, in your life? What does it or will it mean to experience a changed life for the better?

What image helps you remember that Jesus wishes that you might have his joy, and that your joy might be complete?

Apply Isaiah 5:17 to the church. What challenges are we facing today? How prepared are we to meet them?

What does it mean to believe in God? To what extent are you prepared to place your entire trust in God? What anticipated challenges do you think you will encounter?

How can you participate with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in transforming your society for the good of all?

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International Community

'Not-withstanding the stiff competition with other devotional guides, Fresh from The Word, has a unique feature in that it comes in the local languages as well. This makes it more accessible to people who are not literate in the English Language'.

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Michiko serves alongside her husband, Peletisala Lima, at the Congregational Christian Church Samoa in Fairfield, Australia. She is passionate about working with women of the parish, as well as the young people, and watching them grow spiritually in Gods

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Join us in celebrating 135 years of the work of IBRA!
To mark this auspicious occasion we have a special celebration edition available.

Read about our rich history and the origins of our founder Charles Waters, bank manager and Sunday School teacher – not a scholar, preacher, or public speaker – who had a gift for organisation and a vision for making the Bible accessible to all.

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