This week's theme

Colossians: 1 The fullness of God

Today's reading

Colossians 1:914

Today's prayer

Pray, conscious that your prayer gives the Spirit a way of breaking into word and song unique in all the universe. Pray, inviting the Spirit of life, love and goodness to move freely in and through your words and actions.

From Fresh From the Word 2018

For further thought

Make a list of people past and present that you should remember and pray for. Consider especially those whom you may have forgotten. You may also wish to remember in your prayer minority Christian communities faced with religious persecution.

How might you explore your own creativity within the church fellowship to which you belong?

As an exercise, take one of your own favourite passages from the Bible and write a simple prayer as a response to how those words touch your heart and soul.

Do you take the opportunities that might already be there to become involved in the worship within your own church by reading a lesson, or leading prayers?

Consider the familiarity of many of the songs and hymns you sing. Look again at the words in your own time, read them slowly and let them speak afresh to you.

Try keeping a prayer diary for a week, and practise putting into written words the thoughts that are in your heart.

Think how you might use music to lift your own spirit on days when you are feeling low perhaps by singing, playing or just listening.

If you did not meet the challenge set on Monday of this week, try again: look in the mirror and praise God for his work of art.

Do you have a garden or a window box? Consider planting seeds or bulbs to remind you of the lilies of the field and the care God takes of you (Matthew 6).

Let them praise his name with dancing (Psalm 149:3). Reflect on this psalm and, if you dare, dance during your prayer time.

Spend some time reflecting on Psalm 8: When I see the heavens, the work of your hands How can you celebrate creation in the future?

Spend some time meditating on your favourite painting or piece of art. How is the Spirit speaking to you through this?

Look in the mirror each day this week and say to yourself, I am Gods work of art. Be thankful and mean it!

Theres a big difference between existing and flourishing. Whom can you enable to flourish today? It will likely take some sacrifice on your part

What has led you to know Jesus more personally great sermons and talks or the time that youve been generously given and shown by others?

Make time today to undertake some new learning. Commit to reading a book, listening to a podcast series or even to sit at someones feet.

In what ways might you go beyond the welcome expected of you? I have always found food to be a great starting point for hospitality!

Want to go just a little deeper in thinking about the Trinity? Michael Reeves book The Good God is brilliant and very easy to read.

Listen carefully for the language of wall-building and division breeding discord and disunity. Learn to recognise it, then pray and act against it.

Refocus your life by writing down some significant thing for which to be thankful every day this week. Keep going for a month. Share your list with a friend. Enjoy!

Take some time to learn about a particular country or situation in the world, such as the plight of refugees, and consider your response.

How do you understand your power and privilege, and our call to respond with love in our world?

How can you be a part of the change you want to see in your community?

People you meet today may be struggling with strangeness, loneliness, pain and misunderstanding which only God knows. Be hospitable and pray for them.

Take some time to consider the meaning of moving forward and arriving home for you in whatever circumstances you find yourself today.

Write down ways in which you could identify with those on the fringes of your local community.

In recent years, especially in Africa and the Middle East, the world has seen the largest numbers of displaced persons ever in recorded history. How do Ruths words apply to current situations?

If you do not already do so, how about contributing to a charity that helps to alleviate poverty?

Put yourself in the place of a migrant family seeking a new land. Write a poem, song or story about your journey.

What is your national government doing to prevent global warming?

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Michael Jagessar is a minister of the United Reformed Church. He is currently responsible for Global and Intercultural Ministry. More on Michaels biography and writings can be found at Michael has used the NRSVA for these notes.

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