This week's theme

Stories from Judges: Death and disaster

Today's reading

Judges 11:29-40

Today's prayer

Do not entreat me to leave you, or turn back from following you. For where you go, I will go your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.

From Fresh From the Word 2017

For further thought

When we have lost our way, our lives bleak and lonely, let us ask, how can we honour and be faithful to our friends?

How do we create a sense of belonging somewhere and the confidence that we each have something to contribute to the well-being of society?

The traditional Christian and Jewish answer when justice does not come on earth is that justice definitely be served in the hereafter. What do you make of this?

Moses was also like Gideon in making excuses for not believing in God. What other biblical characters come to mind?

Do we put our trust in numbers or in God?

Discerning Gods will is not always straightforward. How have you discerned it in your life?

Judges, we will see, is a violent book. What do you make of Gods relationship to the violence we have encountered so far?

Does the end justify the means or does the means justify the end?

How can this model of friendship be made real in online friendships?

Investigate the presence of the church in post-conflict places of the world like Mozambique and hear the testimony to the remaining life and love of the Spirit. Be encouraged.

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International Community

'For many of our readers IBRA notes have become a habit. There are using them for years. The notes cover the Old and New Testaments in a balanced way. The little stories and simple method of exposition are attractive.'

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This week's writer

Alexandra Wright is senior rabbi of The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St Johns Wood, London. She studied at Leo Baeck College, London, where she also taught classical Hebrew after ordination in 1986. She was volunteer chaplain at the North London Hospice and

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Celebrating 135 years!

Join us in celebrating 135 years of the work of IBRA!
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Read about our rich history and the origins of our founder Charles Waters, bank manager and Sunday School teacher – not a scholar, preacher, or public speaker – who had a gift for organisation and a vision for making the Bible accessible to all.

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