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This week's theme

Readings from Job - 2 Cold comfort

Today's reading

Job 29:4-17

Today's prayer

Mysterious God, whose ways are past finding out, help me to know you are always working behind the scenes to ensure that, no matter what happens to me, my future will always be better than my past. Amen.

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For further thought

What practices will help you believe in the words of the prayer above?

Reflect on a time of great adversity youve endured. How did that experience help you grow closer to God and thereby become a wiser person?

Which has the greater effect on you: knowing your personal integrity before God is intact, or your friends criticism of you? Explain.

Why do you think it is so devastating when people think that God has forsaken them? What could you say to such persons?

Think about a time when your anger toward God challenged your faith. Did you emerge with a stronger faith? Why or why not?

Are you willing to speak a word of comfort and encouragement today to someone you know who might be facing distressing circumstances?

What other connections do you see between Job and the current climate crisis?

Today, find a moment to rest in the God who is beyond all understanding.

What are the old, hidden stories in your community? How do they help you see your present community differently?

What platitudes do you need to throw away? Start a list and add to it this week.

What local, national, and international situations would you add those in the reflection above?

Who in your circle of friends or acquaintances needs your good psychological hygiene this week?

How have the last two weeks study affected your perspective on Biblical women? Which woman do you most want to tell others about?

What powerful small thing do you have to share grace with today?

John Wesley is said to have prayed, let me not be useless. Is this a reasonable prayer for a Christian?

Sit prayerfully with the news TV, radio, internet or print. How do todays stories call for discernment and action?

To us, the Bible is a treasure. To others its an ancient irrelevance. How, then, can we be like Huldah?

Look up Dietrich Bonhoeffers poem, Men go to God when they are sore bestead, which holds together the crucifixion and human suffering.

How do we keep our leaders accountable for their decisions and challenge them to change their minds is it possible?

How far would you go to achieve peace?

Matthew 6:21 says: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. What or who do you treasure most in life?

How do we understand the word inheritance in relation to our faith? Read 1 Peter 1: 3-4 for one understanding of this.

When is it OK to disobey instructions?

In 2018 a charity was formed called Rights of Women helping women though the law. Find out more at

What can you do in your own life to recognise and imitate what is good?

What does it mean in your life to walk according to [Gods] commandments?

What influence does the world and its thinking have in your own life? What might you need to change in order to conquer the world?

Do you know how much God loves you? If not, make time to think about it!

In what ways do you block the flow of Gods love to the world?

How far is your own church a place of light that welcomes others to join its fellowship?

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International Community

'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

Fellowship of Professional Workers

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This week's writer

Catherine is an Anglican priest working for the Archbishops Council in the Church of England. She facilitates the processes by which new clergy are selected to train for ordained ministry. Catherine lives in Tewkesbury and works in London. She is married

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