This week's theme

Quenching thirst

Today's reading

Exodus 7:1424

Today's prayer

God, we see the power of your love around us, yet we choose to follow other ways. May we be liberated by your life-giving love to be who you called us to be with all our hearts, souls and strength. Amen.

Fresh From the Word

Futher thought 2

For further thought

Consider supporting or starting a river- or stream-cleaning community, and become an advocate for clean waterways with local government and organisations.

How is God leading you to new insights of Gods gracious, generous hospitality?

How does knowledge that water resources carry the potential for conflict affect your prayers and your choices today?

What pain does someone near you carry today? What pain do you carry?

Where could you plant a tree as a sign of hope? Or what plant can you tend as a sign of Gods faithfulness?

Take a walk along a river this weekend, and observe all that is growing and living along its banks.

What threatens to swamp you at this stage in your life?

Have you ever experienced the power of the sea?

Go out into the rain this week, and give thanks for the gift of water.

Look up into the night sky tonight and marvel.

Consider the current political, social and economic state today: what will come out entail? Who will be our partners in transforming lives and the system as a whole?

What might Revelations vision look like for us today? In what ways are you challenged by such a vision? How do you intend to respond?

Who were Gods own people whom you have encountered this week? Were you surprised? If so, why?

What would a church/community living from the heart of the gospel look like? What would it give up? What must it trust?

What signals do we convey about God by our own attitudes and acts concerning money and possessions? How can our lives better reflect what God in Christ has done for us?

Are we as the body of Christ any different today with our various alliances? When we manipulate the gospel for our own ends, what do we turn the good news into?

In the end of eras that exist in our global experience today, take a moment to bow to the One who is eternal and constant.

Read a national newspaper with Psalm 46 open beside you, bringing each incident of concern to God in prayer.

What can your church do to help peace flourish in your community?

Find a wide range of resources to inspire and assist on the Focus on Refugees pages of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland,

Reflect on the wilderness experiences of your life. What was revealed to you there?

How can you and your community welcome newcomers?

Consider a creative way of writing out a verse, or a word, from Deuteronomy which has spoken to you.

Is it possible to command love? What would Deuteronomy say?

What impact do you think this second perspective might have on a modern nations political decisions?

Scholars have identified a V shape to this passage; it moves from the desert (verses 25), to the Promised Land (verses 710, 1114) and back to the desert (verses 1416). What effect does this have, do you think?

How can you cherish diversity in your walk of discipleship today?

What words would you use to describe this kind of life? Is it attractive to you?

Time/money/talent audit: take a moment to write a list of what you spend your time, money and talent on. Whom or what do you worship?

I invite you this week, like Moses, to bring before God your disappointments. The Bible gives us language for petition and lament.

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International Community

'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

Fellowship of Professional Workers

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After living in Southern Africa for 28 years, Helen, raised in England, recently moved to West Virginia, USA with her husband, a bishop in the Episcopal Church. Helen previously served as a parish priest and Director of Ministry for the Anglican Diocese o

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Read about our rich history and the origins of our founder Charles Waters, bank manager and Sunday School teacher – not a scholar, preacher, or public speaker – who had a gift for organisation and a vision for making the Bible accessible to all.

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