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This week's theme

Cosmonaut: first in space

Today's reading

Acts 1:1-11

Today's prayer

Almighty God, whose blessed Son our Savior Jesus Christ ascended far above all heavens that he might fill all things: Mercifully give us faith to perceive that, according to his promise, he abides with his Church on earth, even to the end of the ages; th

Fresh From the Word

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For further thought

How would you explain the relevance of the ascension today?

There are approximately 20,000 artificial objects orbiting the Earth which are large enough to be tracked. Debris impact affects the safety and performance of space stations and missions.

Does there have to be just one winner? Consider this in your interactions today.

The Voyager 1 probe is currently the human-made object farthest from Earth.

According to recent research, stars, planets, and galaxies make up just 4% of the visible universe. Scientists arent sure what comprises the other 96%.

How does the hope of an eternity spent with God, with a new body, help you to live your life today?

Take some time to give thanks for the life, witness and impact of Christian friends and family members who have fallen asleep in the Lord.

If you prayed this prayer, why not share what you have done with a trusted Christian friend and ask them to pray with and for you?

If you are able, ask those to whom you are closest and whom you trust most if they can help you identify habits that you need to break.

If your routine has been interrupted somehow lately, do you think God may have had anything to do with that? If so, what do you think God might be saying to you?

Consider how you might help another person to experience the reality of new life today and encourage that person to see the signs of new life.

Do I know someone who is trapped in shadows of sadness, grief and depression? How can I show a gentle love towards them?

In the shadows and gloom of Good Friday, the centurion sees Jesus. Where can I see Him today?

Have we ever elevated ourselves above others who are more vulnerable than we are in order to feel better?

When we have said all we have to say, what might silence reveal about our hearts?

In the community around me, are there ways I can look on others who feel condemned, with love and compassion?

Could I see Gods I AM in some situation where I feel afraid or alone?

Do you know what chaplains do? Think of a way your church could support one.

What role can you play in Gods plan for these least?

Ever thought of writing a prisoner or becoming an official prison visitor for those with no friends or family? Check online for your local prison.

Could you put something on social media that could change mindsets about people in prison?

How does Restorative Justice work? Check online to find out.

Is there anything you can do to help a charity to assist those being released from prison? What could your church do?

Put yourself in Josephs shoes, innocent and in prison what choices do you think you would have?

You may not know when or how youre going to die, but you do know itll happen. How can you fully live for Christ today?

What are the missional needs that you see that others dont? Who is missionally misunderstood? Who can you talk to get some wisdom and insight?

In Luke 4:18 Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah declaring He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners. How can you help the imprisoned? We consider these themes more next week.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 God says, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Why has God chosen you?

Who are you prejudiced against? When have you unfairly dismissed a person or a place? Where is God trying to show you something new?

Are you caught in a lie? How will you own up to it? What will the consequences be if you dont? Will you trust God?

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'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

Fellowship of Professional Workers

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This week's writer

Catherine is an Anglican priest working for the Archbishops Council in the Church of England. She facilitates the processes by which new clergy are selected to train for ordained ministry. Catherine lives in Tewkesbury and works in London. She is married

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