Fresh From the Word 2017

We believe that reading the Bible is the most exciting journey you will ever take. The story is immense – covering more than a thousand years, and at least a thousand pages. It is comprised of poetry and history, praise and lament, parable and prophecy. Reading the bible can be the most inspiring, or indeed, the most bewildering of experiences, depending on the ‘companions’ one encounters along the way.

Fresh from the Word provides an excellent journey ‘companion’ that encourages the reader to ‘translate’ the Bible into the realities and challenges of everyday life within beyond our immediate lived experiences.

Read the foreword by J.John

2017 themes include:

The rise of Esther and Mordecai

Do not be afraid

Friendship in the digital age

Readings in Matthew 

and many more.

Access the full reading scheme for 2017 which is available in English, French and Spanish.

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