2024 Bible reading scheme

The International Bible Reading Association has been serving the world church since 1882 with the vision of providing the necessary means for the worldwide Christian church to help Christians read the Bible regularly.IBRAreaders make a commitment to reading each day the appointed Bible passage and to pray for each other. The Bible should be read carefully and with prayer that the Holy Spirit will help the reader to understand.

We produce Bible reading cards in English which are mailed out to our readers every year, as well as making electronic versions available for download. Spanish and French translations are also available for download. 

Churches around the world use the list with their congregation and often include the list in their newsletters, or on their websites. Why not do the same? By following our scheme of daily readings, you are joining are global community of over 1,000,000 Christians all reading the same Bible passage each day. 

Access the full reading scheme for 2024, available in:




Could you translate our list into another language? Get in touch if you would like to support us with reaching more Christians in their local language; chelsey.miller-brown@christianeducation.org.uk  

Our annual publication Fresh From the Word 2024 offers commentary on these daily Bible readings and is available to purchase:

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