This week's theme

Civil rights - 2 Justice

Today's reading

Genesis 37:17b-28

Today's prayer

Compassionate God, there are many people experiencing human trafficking today. Please help them to find a way out, and help us to be discerning as friends and neighbours.

Fresh From the Word

Futher thought 2

For further thought

Check out the Salvation Armys human trafficking project. Can you help in any way?

What are your thoughts about King Davids actions/inactions?

In 1 Timothy, Paul speaks against women having authority over men and about them remaining silent in church. How do we reconcile this with the verse above?

If you have not already done so, read Nelson Mandelas autobiography, 'Long Walk to Freedom' (Abacus, 1995) and learn more about South Africa during apartheid.

Biblical law on slavery involved the poorest people working off their debt. Consider how a law designed to provide for the poorest in that society was corrupted into an abhorrent type of slavery?

Who do you identify with in this passage? The woman, the accusers or a bystander watching it all unfold? How does it make you feel?

How does it feel to be caught out, to have your sins and faults exposed, possibly even publicly? How did you respond?

We are encouraged by James to make our Yes a yes and our No a no. Reflect on the times when you have made commitments to God. Did you follow through or were they quickly forgotten?

Think about how someone may have wronged you, and how you can desire justice without wanting to take vengeance.

Reflect on occasions in the recent past when you have failed to love. Reflect on why that happened.

Think carefully about a choice you need to make and what the consequences of that choice might be.

Eventually, Solomons power and wealth led him astray. What do you need to do to be faithful to Jesus today, and then each day onwards?

Which qualities does a trustworthy leader demonstrate? How can you discern whether a vision is from God or devised by humans?

How do you react when people doubt you? How can you remain wise and humble; confident in Gods power but also open to correction?

Why do you think some people are self-conscious in worship? Psalm 100:1 (NRSVA) encourages us to make a joyful noise to the Lord. Even if you are not very musical, what might that look like for you?

Who blessed you when you were a young Christian, and how? Who do you know that you might support through prayer, friendship or encouragement?

David was tempted (and warned), but was still responsible for his sin. We often excuse our actions. How might you grow in humility in order to repent and receive forgiveness and freedom?

We often criticise our politicians and leaders. Do we pray for them as much as we should?

Some passages of scripture are there to reassure us that despite our complex relationships and difficult lives God can still speak to us and bring his purpose forward.

Jesus is the final revelation of God. Let us remind ourselves that he is the lens through which the glory and majesty of God can be witnessed.

Where do your loyalties and priorities lie? Write them down in order of importance, then ask God for understanding of what he wants from you.

Do you come before God expecting to be humble before your creator or to ask for wishes from a genie?

Kindness and goodness are fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are never wasted, though they may sometimes be disregarded by others. Think of some areas that you need to persevere in.

What was your favourite Bible story as a child? Can you remember why? If you didnt know any Bible stories back then, ask a friend or your own children.

Is it possible to uphold a particular code of behaviour without judging ourselves or others in a harmful way?

Consider the difference between saying that someone is against you and saying that they have a different view.

How does your church or community welcome the most vulnerable?

Have you ever felt frightened by or powerless about something that seemed beyond your control? Pray that you will be able to summon strength and reassurance from God next time you are in such a position.

Look up information about Sukkot. A possible starting point might be, or you could read about the Festival of Tabernacles in Leviticus 23:4044.

Make a list of anything that easily and glibly slips out of your mouth and write down, as fully as you are able, what it really means.

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