Democratic Republic of Congo

Communaute Baptiste du Fleuve Congo

(Baptist Community of the Congo River CBFC)

Location: Congo (Democratic Republic)

Aims: To evangelize. Share word of life with a great number people who either know Christ or have still to hear the good news of his kingdom.

Website: N/A

Working with IBRA: The CBFC has worked with IBRA for many years, printing and distributing an average of 75,000 copies IBRA Bible reading lists, with the hope to distribute 87,000 plus, with the help of further funding. Donations through the IBRA International Fund could support Bible reading in Congo.

In the early 1990s the CBFC were only translating the list into Kikongo, but have since been able to respond to demand for materials in French and Lingala. This may be in part due to funding from the IBRA. All three versions are distributed free of charge throughout various regions of the Congo including Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Bandundu, Bas-Congo, Equateur, Kassai and P.Orientale. 

'People are really excited. Being in a country where the daily income is low, some are unable to buy any printed guide of daily Bible reading. They are expressing a deepest gratitude for free available IBRA material yearly.'