Fiji - Methodist Bookstore

Methodist Bookstore

Location: Fiji

Aims: To provide quality products and services that present spiritually based values for living, professionally, efficiently and competitively and to achieve a pre-eminent position in their chosen markets.


Working with IBRA: The IBRA daily readings are the only daily Bible reading guide in the Fijian language, so it is used by most Christian churches in Fiji. As Fiji is made up of 300 small islands the Methodist Bookstore travel by car to reach as many people as possible. They also send the books to their churches overseas including churches in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, USA, Pacific Islands and the UK.

The Methodist Bookstore distribute nearly 25,000 copies of the IBRA daily reading notes each year, making them one of our largest distributors overseas. They are fully funded by their own work, but have been provided with a small grant for 2015 from IBRA as the would like to run a 3 day workshop for their translators to improve the translation work they carry out each year with the IBRA daily readings.

'Our mission is to support the churches in spreading the word of God and this publication is a tool for carrying out that mission.'