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Fellowship of Professional Workers

Location: Andhra Pradesh, India

Aims: The aim of the Fellowship of Professional Workers is to strengthen Christian presence in secular society by reaching out to the Christian employees in secular jobs and farm vocations; spiritually, socially and economically.

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Working with IBRA: The Fellowship of Professional Workers have been producing IBRA notes for over 30 years. In 2013 they printed and distributed 4000 copies of the IBRA daily reading notes in Telegu. IBRA provide a grant to the Fellowship of Professional Workers each year to help support their work. Donations from UK readers help with the cost of translation, printing, distribution and promotional work.

The Fellowship of Professional Workers has recently reported increasing numbers of young people from local schools have become new readers and they plan to build on this while still maintaining their audience in secular vocations.

 'The uniqueness of the Bible reading is that the entire readership is focusing on a common theme for each day which is an expression of the oneness of the faithful, irrespective of countries and cultures.'

Postcard from India - FPW

Good News Story

Fellowship of Professional Workers

On Sunday 22 December 2013, we hosted a Christmas get-together for the visually challenged children at the FPW Canaan centre. Around 210 young men and women students who are visually challenged were able to attend the event. 

We have invited from the area schools some volunteers to assist us in guiding the visually challenged students for whom a Christmas lunch was organised in addition to distribution of quilts through the partnership of CASA and Road Transport Corporation.

The five young people in the photograph are part of the group of volunteers at the event who were enrolled for regular Bible reading. In recognition thereof, they were presented with a copy each of the Anudinadyanamalika 2014 (Fresh from the Word 2014). They all pose for a photograph in front of the centre. The farm land behind them is the just harvested rice field.

Photo:New Bible readers L to R