Tusi Taulotu Services

Location: Tuvalu

Aims: To nourish and sustain Tuvaluan Christian faith and culture among all Tuvaluans around the world.

Website: N/A

Working with IBRA: Tusi Taulotu Services has worked with the IBRA for three years in translating and distributing the text to Tuvaluans mostly abroad Tuvalu. The service is one of the Tuvalu church community’s initiations launched in Suva since 2012. The original purpose of the initiation was to strengthen and embrace Tuvaluan Christian faith. A faith that was first acquired and developed by forefathers since the arrival of Christianity in 1865, which was governed by a body recently known as - Council of World Mission (CWM). Currently, the service is expanded focusing to nourish Christian faith of Tuvaluans around the world, including Pacific island countries, New Zealand, Australia, and USA.
The service is self-funded with the cost obtained from sold books. Toward the end of 2014, the IBRA granted a small fund, and it was helpful to promote the text in most places and covered excessive unpaid books. The printing increases gradually in hundreds of copies.
The book is literally entitled as FOU mai te Muna: Te Tusi Tapu mo se Suiga, and it is translated to accommodate Tuvaluans and their contexts. The work is recommended and beneficial to Tuvaluans. Among other applications, it is mostly applied to assist their daily evening prayers at home.