Giving thanks to Nathan Eddy


As promised, our much-loved Editor for many years, Nathan Eddy is handing over the baton to Mr David Painting. Firstly, many readers and colleagues alike thank Nathan for his diligent, honest and faithful work. With his dedication and encouragement, readers across the globe have travelled the pilgrimage through many books of Fresh from The Word.

As Nathan prepares for his next adventure, we are positive you want to know what the future looks like for him. In a small, interview style - Nathan shares with you what is next, and his personal message. 

How do you feel about leaving Fresh from The Word as editor?

My first thought is, where did the time go? My second thought is, I'm happy to hand over the editorial vision and daily work, but gutted to lose contact with the writers, readers, IBRA reading group, and staff at Christian Education. My third thought is, I'll be glad to regain a sense of what year it is. Working on Fresh from the Word, the editor spends so much time planning one or even two years ahead. I often used to mix up what year it actually was.  

What advice would you give to the next editor, David Painting?

David's a pro, and has the role well in hand, but I'd advise him or any editor, I suppose, to find the balance between giving writers creative license to follow their muse or spirit, and providing or more central vision from on high, as it were. It's hard to get that balance right. 

What are you currently working on, what does this entail?

I'm working full-time in Jewish-Christian relations for the UK's oldest interfaith charity, the Council of Christians and Jews. I'm the interim director at the moment, holding us through the pandemic. 

Any special message to all the loyal readers that followed your editorial each year.

Thank you for your support for IBRA: its history, its ethos, its uniqueness, and its future. Keep in touch with IBRA, and support it. 

What are your candid thoughts of Fresh from The Word?

Personally, I like the variety of writers: writers from around the world, and, for me, writers who also write poetry or hymns or have really creative and non-churchy interests. I was always struck at people's willingness to write and never took it for granted. 

You can stay connected with Nathan Eddy through his personal twitter - @nathangeddy. From all the staff at Christian Education and the International Bible Reading Association - it has been a sincere pleasure working with you, and quite rightly, time has flown by so quickly.