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God is a Poet, Priest and Prophet…


“God is a poet, paying exquisite attention, crafting the words to pull our heartstrings, connecting our pulse to the great pulse of life. God is a priest, intoning the chants that tie earth to heaven, invoking our prayers, summoning our spirits to reach beyond. God is a prophet, commanding our attention, provoking our outrage, channelling our best intentions.”
So writes author and scholar Carla Grosch-Miller for the last day of 2021 in this year’s Fresh from The Word: The Bible for a Change. And indeed you will meet this God in the reflections of the writers in these pages. At turns poetic, priestly and theological, prophetic and inspiring, Fresh from The Word 2021 invites you to the discipline of daily Bible reading with readers around the world.
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Fresh from The Word 2021 – Bible reading notes
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