person enjoying a quiet time

How to use a 'quiet time'


Before Fresh From The Word was launched, IBRA (The International Bible Reading Association) produced two books - Words for Today and Light for our Path. Both books were merged to create the fantastic Fresh From the Word which is enjoyed across the world. In the 2013 edition of Words for today, Editor Nicola Slee shares how to use 'quiet' time.

  • Pay attention to your body. Take time to slow down, consciously relax each part of your body, and listen to your breathing for a while. 
  • Use silence to relax and empty your mind of all that's going on around you. Know that God's loving presence encircles you, your family, your community and the world. Learn to enjoy God's presence. 
  • Have a visual focus - a cross, a plant, interesting stones, pictures or postcards... create a prayer table on which to display them with other symbols. 
  • Read the Bible passage for the day several times, perhaps using different translations, and then the notes. Allow the words to fill your mind. Try to discover their message for you and the world around you. 
  • Listen Remember that the most important part of prayer is to hear what God is saying to us. God speaks to us through the words of scripture, the daily news, and often through people around us.
  • Include the world Hold the news of the day in your mind. Enter the situation of those you hear or read about and try to pray alongside them and with them.
  • Pray without ceasing Prayer is not only 'the quiet time' we set aside. It becomes part of the whole of life, a continuous dialogue between God and ourselves, through all that we do and think and say: a growing awareness of the loving presence of God who travels with us and never leaves us. 

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Originally written for Words For Today in December 2013.