David painting

Introducing the new Fresh from The Word Editor - David Painting


The International Bible Reading Association and Christian Education are blessed to welcome Mr David Painting into the editorial team, who has been passed the ‘Fresh from The Word’ Editor baton by Nathan Eddy.

David has a passion to help people understand who they are, and whose family they are in, and through Christ; a pastor at heart, currently pioneering and co-leading a House Church, David has had a number of pastoral roles ranging from those in small rural settings to large urban churches in the UK. Prior to this, he was a YWAM missionary serving Romania shortly after the revolution and working in rural settings across the country. David and his wife Janet have ministered in the Balkans, Northern Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Having led the YWAM Relief and Development Discipleship Training school (DTS), he continues to serve YWAM, teaching on DTS’s and is the author of a number of books to support Christian teaching and preaching. Most recently he has been a theological adviser and data contributor for the ‘Infographics Bible’ (Harper Collins).

David brings a vision of wanting to support our readers delve deeper into the Bible, learn about God’s love, support and very ready presence; to daily receive His riches for our lives. He is carrying the baton and running the race set out before IBRA in this next season.