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One person can make a difference


In 2014 IBRA was contacted by Rev. Taualo Penivao of New Zealand to gain permission to translate Fresh From the Word into Tuvaluan.

We were delighted to begin working with Rev Penivao and, thanks to the generous donations of IBRA readers in the UK, we were also able to offer a £1,000 grant to help offset the printing costs.

The notes are distributed in Tuvalu, and to Tuvaluan communities in New Zealand, Fiji, Tokelau, Marshall Islands, Australia and Hawaii. In 2014, 100 copies were printed, and we look forward to watching the circulation grow over the coming years.

Rev. Penivao says, ‘We cannot thank you enough for the materials and for letting us use it for the betterment of God’s mission in this world. Our church members loved it and we enjoyed spreading God’s words through your work and a little bit of ours.’

Thank you!

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Originally written for Fresh From the Word in December 2014.