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Two become one - How Fresh From the Word was formed


Before 2014, IBRA (The International Bible Reading Association) produced two independent books - titled Words for Today and Light for our Path. Launched to be brand new in 2014, the new title was designed to extend appeal beyond our existing readers to include those who are ready to start reading the Bible daily with fresh eyes and would welcome reflections on the Bible message in the context of today's issues. 

Though 2013 marked the last volumes of Light for our Path and Words for Today, IBRA has not forgotten loyal readers of these books, and feel sure that the Fresh From The Word book has been wholeheartedly welcomed. The new volume has been welcome entirely, with it's daily readings, commentary and thoughts for prayer and action that followed to the new volume. 

Editor Nathan Eddy has been contributing to IBRA for seven years. He brought together new and established creative writers, top theologians and biblical scholars, cutting-edge church leaders and a range of other voices from around the world in the best IBRA tradition. 

If you remember Light for our Path and Words for Today or have a version on your bookshelf, get in touch and let us know your favourite aspects of the historic and current versions. 

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Originally written for Words For Today in 2013 and adapted in 2019.