Why read Fresh from The Word?


First days. Can remember your first day somewhere? Perhaps at a new school, the start of a new term or the first day at a new job? Some of us feel excited, some nervous, others a mixture of both. First days are filled with questions… where am I supposed to be? Where do I sit? Where and when do I eat? Where do I start? For many people, the Bible (God’s Word) can feel like this too. Where do I start and where should go? Some of us just want to jump right in – perhaps at the beginning and read Genesis; others at the start of the New Testament and read one of the four Gospels. Some people just open it and read where the pages fall open. But many people don’t know where to start. God, and His Word can appear closed and silent.

But God doesn’t want us to feel like that – He’s given us His Word so that we can get to know Him. To, as Peter puts it, ‘… grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…’ (2 Peter 3:18). IBRA’s founder, Charles Waters knew this, it inspired his vision to make the Bible accessible to all – to help people find that starting point and continue turning the pages, not only of the Bible itself, but of their relationship with God.

Some schools provide new students with a ‘buddy’, someone to guide them, to show them where they are supposed to go, to remove that feeling of being lost – and indeed, of being alone. That’s the spirit of Fresh from The Word – each day a ‘buddy’ from the international community shares something of their experience with God, inviting the reader to go with them into His Word through the daily scripture reading, so the reader can encounter Him themselves.

As the pages of our lives turn each day, so too does Fresh from The Word because we know that each day with God can feel like a ‘first day’. Each set of reading notes is a place to start and a signpost to show us where to go next – most days suggest further reflection on the day’s insight, to deepen our knowledge of, and relationship with, God. In this way, we believe that the notes and commentaries from our contributors guide us towards God, connecting us to Him by opening up His Word to us. The nature of the book’s authorship, multiple contributors, also shows us that we are part of a great and diverse community of believers across the world - God’s family - all reading His Word together, like a beautiful choir singing in harmony.

‘First days’ soon give way to familiarity, knowledge and confidence. Once we’ve got going and are opening up the pages of the Bible each day, the truth of God and His Word nourishes us, brings us into a closer relationship with Him, guides us through life and brings us joy. 

Even if you’re not one of Fresh from The Word’s contributing writers you can still be a ‘buddy’, and read the daily Bible notes with a friend, so you can encounter God together. We believe that this is a great gift of friendship and encouragement so we’re offering our readers a special discount if you’d like to buy a friend a copy so you can read along with one another and share in the experience. You can find out more here.