Zoe Keens, IBRA CEO's Message and announcement


This is one the most exciting times in the IBRA year, as next year’s Fresh from The Word Bible reading notes are now available!.

Without question, 2020, and the impact of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, has been one of the most difficult years many of us will have experienced. On top of the ill-health and tragic deaths the virus brings, the additional issues of social distancing, isolation, loneliness, mental health challenges, unemployment and fake news are all contributing to a rising tide of fear.

In these increasingly unsettled times, I’m ever thankful for God’s unchanging Word and presence, which casts out fear and replaces it with perfect love. I know that we can depend upon the Bible to find truth and that Fresh from The Word’s daily reading notes help uncover that truth to bring hope, peace and comfort to its readers. It is the Good News! And that’s why I’m delighted that 2021’s notes are now available to order – because they are something consistent, and to look forward to, for many people around the world. What’s more, this year, we have a very special offer to tell you about! You can read more about that below.

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With best wishes

Zoë Keens,

CEO of Christian Education, IBRA