Join us in celebrating 135 years of the work of IBRA!

'Much has changed at IBRA in the last 135 years. But we remain true to our founding vision, in that we are not publishers, but an association of readers of the Bible around the world in many different churches. We still read the same scripture every day, albeit in different languages. And we remain the same in another aspect as well. Our mission remains simple: to encourage the daily reading of the Bible. We don’t pretend to have all answers about the Bible. In fact, across our readership you will find a healthy mix of perspectives and theologies of scripture from our international writers. But we believe the Bible is a book to be read in order to plumb the mystery that is God, to use Terry Waite’s memorable phrase from his 2015 foreword. So like our books, this anniversary edition features daily short reflections, linked to a weekly theme, on scripture from our writers around the world, followed by prayers and questions to stimulate your Bible reading. The notes are meant to take you deeper into scripture, not to stand alone.'
Nathan Eddy, Editor, Fresh from the Word.

Join us in celebrating 135 years

We are marking this occasion through our celebration edition. This special edition has a sample of eight weeks which represents some of the most creative and profound reflections on scripture from previous volumes of Fresh From the Word. You will be travelling to Samoa, Argentina, South Africa, Trinidad, Mexico, Panama, Israel, the US, Scotland and England. Our themes include feasting with God, seeing with the Spirit, Jesus' atonement for sin as at-one-ment, gardening and the spiritual life and covenants and promises. There certainly is a feast here, to which you are invited.

This celebration edition is a great collectible for long-term readers, and a great gift to introduce friends and family to IBRA!

Celebrate with us for just £1 a copy, order multiple copies of this special edition, along with your FFTW 2019!

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