Join us in celebrating 141 years of the work of IBRA!

As IBRA’s race continues, David Painting picks up the editorial baton. As we thank out-going editor Nathan Eddy for his faithful service and pray that God blesses his next season, we welcome David, whose vision is to support you, our readers in delving deeper into the Bible; to understand who they are, and who God is. 

Author and a theological adviser, David exercises a wide range of roles, all underpinned by a passion to see people understand who they are, and whose they are in Christ; a Bible teacher, ministry leader, pioneer and pastor, he has led small rural churches and a large Baptist Church. He was a YWAM missionary in Romania, shortly after the revolution working in rural settings across the country,  and he and his wife Janet have ministered in the Balkans, Northern Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  In addition, David is the author of a number of books and is a theological adviser to the Infographic Bible project.

David is excited about joining our amazing worldwide IBRA team to extend the teaching opportunity of Fresh from The Word to our existing readers and reach out to many new readers across the globe. 

Join us in celebrating!

Fresh from The Word gives global perspectives on carefully selected passages from the Bible. Our writers include theologians and biblical scholars, church leaders and activists for peace from across the world, all of whom share a passion to bring the Bible into conversation with day-to-day concerns. This helps you grow in your knowledge and appreciation of the Bible and carries on the 139-year-old IBRA tradition of encouraging people around the world. In 2022, IBRA turned 140 years old!

On our 135th year, we released a celebratory special edition which has 8 weeks of daily study notes on a variety of themes. You will be travelling to Samoa, Argentina, South Africa, Trinidad, Mexico, Panama, Israel, the US, Scotland and England. Our themes include feasting with God, seeing with the Spirit, Jesus' atonement for sin as at-one-ment, gardening and the spiritual life and covenants and promises. There certainly is a feast here, to which you are invited. This celebration edition is a great collectible for long-term readers, and a great gift to give to a friend or loved one who might be interested in giving daily Bible reading notes a try. introduce friends and family to IBRA!

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