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This week's theme

Readings in the shorter Epistles - 2 The way of love

Today's reading

1 John 2.117

Today's prayer

Lord, help your church to be a place of light, drawing others out of their darkness into fellowship with you and each other.

Fresh From the Word

Futher thought 2

For further thought

How far is your own church a place of light that welcomes others to join its fellowship?

Are you looking where you are going? Are you going where you are looking?

When I worried that keeping an eye out for anything suspicious was leading to distrust, I was advised that respectful doubt was called for. What do you think?

What does slavery look like in our time? When is it better to work round the system and when is it better to work against it?

When dealing with controversial issues, how much is being positive centre-stage or is that approach just an after-thought?

Can you think of ways in which Christians try to put the cart before the horse -- If you do not do X you are not a Christian?

For the sake of peace, Paul takes for granted the household order of his time. Should we ever disrupt the order for the sake of the gospel?

Has reading Michals story given you a new perspective on the depth and richness of biblical narrative?

How would you assess the gulf between Davids public persona and the turmoil of his private life?

Palti springs off the page for a mere 3 verses. Why do his tears move us so?

How do you imagine Michal is feeling?

Is Michal justified in deceiving her father to save her husband?

How do we ever know the motives behind another persons words?

Examine your willingness to share in the saving work of gathering when all is scattered, binding up when all is wounded, illuminating the darkness.

Examine your life: are you afraid of being vulnerable? Are you able to risk being defenseless so that love will triumph in and through you?

Examine the cross you take up is it suffering, an agonizing responsibility, or is it love that you are called to be and do?

Examine your relationship with Jesus, your understanding of his mission and your part in it.

Examine the patterns of your loving, the choices you make and take stock of the extent to which you love God, your neighbour and yourself.

Examine how you view the behaviour of those closest to you, the practices and rituals of religious devotion, the structure of society and its political life.

Do churches do enough to help people cope with illness? A simple anointing with oil on the hand or forehead in worship, or just prayer, can help people heal.

Which of the senses or faculties would you use as a metaphor for your growth as a Christian?

For Mark, Jesus healing miracles are not about his divine nature, but rather his status as the long-awaited anointed one of God: the Messiah of Israel.

In your community, who slips through the cracks and is in need of being welcomed?

Jairus had power and authority, and the woman suffering from hemorrhages had little. Yet Jesus considered both.

What does your church or community do for those suffering from social isolation?

Mark 5:21-34

Consider the sanctuary of God the next time to look at the starry sky.

How would you explain the relevance of the ascension today?

There are approximately 20,000 artificial objects orbiting the Earth which are large enough to be tracked. Debris impact affects the safety and performance of space stations and missions.

Does there have to be just one winner? Consider this in your interactions today.

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'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

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Catherine is an Anglican priest working for the Archbishops Council in the Church of England. She facilitates the processes by which new clergy are selected to train for ordained ministry. Catherine lives in Tewkesbury and works in London. She is married

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