International Fund – would you help us?


Giving through the International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) International Fund enables you to spread the Word to people in all walks of life across the globe, to those that need it the most.

Since IBRA was founded in 1882 our UK readers have been making donations to the IBRA International Fund (previously named the Missionary Fund), with the aim of supporting our overseas readers through its network of IBRA Partners.

Our partners are based in 11 countries but the benefit flows over borders to at least 32 countries all over the world. Partners work tirelessly and often without pay to organise the translation, printing and distribution of IBRA Bible study notes and lists into many different languages from Ewe, Yoruba and Twi to Portuguese, Samoan and Telugu!

We guarantee that 100 per cent of your donations go to support our international brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Making a difference 

The Congregational Christian Church in American Samoa told us:
'Every year we are asked to print more copies. Families are now beginning to use the materials for their evening prayers at home.'

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Baptist Community of the Congo River long to share the word of God with more people:
'People are really excited. Being in a country where the daily income is low, some are unable to buy any printed guide of daily Bible reading. They are expressing a deepest gratitude for free available IBRA material yearly.'

Click here for more examples of how we work with our International IBRA Partners.

Your gift to the IBRA International Fund makes a real difference!

£5.00 prints 6 translated copies of Fresh From the Word in Ghana
£10.00 covers printing 12 copies of Fresh from The Word in India
£25.00 gives 20 copies of Fresh from The Word in Nigeria, helping people read the Bible
£50.00 would fund 1000 IBRA reading lists to be translated into Spanish, printed and distributed in Argentina

Would you give a donation today?

Will you work with us and help us to enable Christians from different parts of the world to grow in knowledge and appreciation of the Word of God by making a donation of £5, £10 or even £50 to keep reaching people across the world with the Word of God? The whole of your donation will support people overseas.

Ways to give


You can make a one-off donation, regular direct debit payments by clicking on the My Donate button.

By cheque:

Please make your cheque payable to IBRA and send it to:
IBRA/Christian Education
Imperial Court
Sovereign Road
B30 3FH

Leave a legacy:

What's valuable about a gift in your will to the International Bible Reading Association’s International Fund is that every penny goes directly towards enabling hundreds of thousands of people around the world to access the living Word of God. 

Leaving a gift in your will to a Christian charity is a way of ensuring that this work continues for years to come: to help future generations and reach out to them with hope and the life-changing Word of God – people we may never meet but who are all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Through such a gift you will help continue the strong and lasting legacy of IBRA for generations to come!

To find out more please contact our Legacy Adviser by phone on 0121 458 3313, by email or by writing to International Bible Reading Association, Imperial Court, Sovereign Road, Birmingham, B30 3FH.

Increase your donation at no extra cost to you through Gift Aid!

If you are a UK tax payer and are making a personal donation then you can increase your donation by a further 25% at no extra cost to you by simply downloading and completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form (word) / Gift Aid Declaration Form (pdf).

Thank you for supporting the International Bible Reading Association.