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Redemptive Baptist Church

Location: Cameroon

Aims: The Redemptive Baptist Church in Cameroon desire to lead people to Christ the Saviour but also have the responsibility to help grow them to maturity. They focus on a redemptive ministry of the whole person.

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Working with IBRA: The Reverend Doctor Peter Evande, on behalf of the Redemptive Baptist Church of Cameroon, has worked with IBRA for several years. Each year, with the financial support of the church, he produces several hundred copies of the IBRA daily readings list which he distributes for free throughout the region. He also funds some of the administration of this work himself.

IBRA also sends a small number of Fresh From the Word which the Revd Dr Evande passes on to local pastors, elders and medical doctors. Thanks to the generous donations by UK readers we have been able to increase the amount of books sent for 2015.

'We like the varied background of the contributors - that approach helps to broaden our understanding of scripture. Lots of people confess that the notes are very educational and inspiring.'