Asempa publishing

Asempa Publishing


  1. To understand the changing Christianity literature and communication needs of the churches of Ghana, and to meet those needs
  2. To foster the development in Ghana in particular and Africa and the world generally of good and instructive Christian communication
  3. To awaken, educate, and cultivate literary awareness generally and the reading of good Christian literature in particular in the Ghanaian public.

Working with IBRA: Asempa Publishing distributed over 22,900 copies of the Bible reading notes in  2011.  They have also translated it into Ewe, Fanti, Twi and Ga. The copies of all versions of the text are sold, and very small amounts are donated. 

In the past Asempa have reported that the translated versions of Light for our Path are distributed and sold through church groups and individuals.  As the readership in these languages mostly live in extremely rural locations, this is the only system for getting the materials to them.  This has not deterred them from continuing to produce the book in multiple local languages and trying to reach as many people as possible.

Asempa are very keen to translate the notes. This is only possible with an increase in the financial support that comes through donations to the IBRA International Fund.

'IBRA materials including the translations are used at the individual and group levels as devotional materials, deepening awareness of the need to read good Christian literature for spiritual growth and development.'