Teacher training program where IBRA notes were used.

All India Sunday School Association (AISSA)

Location: India


  1. Bring every child to Jesus
  2. Preparing graded and ungraded Sunday School curricula
  3. Training Sunday School teachers
  4. Conducting children’s assemblies
  5. Networking the Sunday Schools of NCCI member churches
  6. Networking Christian education agencies in India
  7. Working in the areas of child rights and child protection policies

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Working with IBRA: IBRA have worked with AISSA since its formation in 1982. AISSA came to be as a result of the All India Sunday School and Christian Education Conference which was held in Secunderabad (South India). The conclusion of those in attendance (including a representative of the Christian Education Movement) was that a new national level ecumenical body for Christian Education was needed – this would be All India Sunday School Association.

Since 1982 IBRA materials have been sent to AISSA who print and distribute IBRA Bible reading notes and the IBRA list of Bible readings in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.  In 2005 AISSA printed 4000 copies of both Words for Today and Light for our Path and distributed the vast majority of these.  They also printed 8000 copies of the Bible reading list and were able to distribute 7200 of these.  However, the volume which they print has reduced throughout the late 2000s.  In 2011 AISSA printed 2000 copies of both Words for Today and Light for our Path, and 4000 copies of the list. All of the copies were distributed.

'For many of our readers IBRA notes have become a habit. There are using them for years. The notes cover the Old and New Testaments in a balanced way. The little stories and simple method of exposition are attractive. The Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu added charm to this year’s IBRA.'