IBRA Nigeria 

Aims: To help spread IBRA and its materials throughout every part of the region of Nigeria, as well as to other neighbouring countries such as Niger, Cameroon, and Republic of Benin.

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Working with IBRA: Our partner in Nigeria print and distribute our Bible reading notes and the IBRA Bible reading list.  Until 2007 they were only able to produce these materials in English.  From 2008 onwards IBRA Nigeria have translated Light for our Path into Yoruba to enable ‘more people to read daily about the gospel’.  In 2008, 1500 copies of the translated version - Imole Si Ipa Ona Wa – were distributed along with 1225 copies of the English text.  The volume of materials produced has increased steadily since then.  The year 2011 saw 4700 copies of our notes distributed throughout Nigeria, along with 3500 copies of the IBRA Bible reading list.

IBRA Nigeria make a small charge to readers for copies of our Bible reading notes, though some are donated for free. The IBRA list of Bible readings is distributed for free.  It is produced in both English and Yoruba and is circulated to students in secondary schools and territory institutions.

The IBRA International Fund helps support the work of our partner in Nigeria year on year.

'Through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, the readers of IBRA materials have better understanding of the Bible, this made them to become born again and happy to join the IBRA group to proclaim the gospel to others. More members are being enrolled every year.'