Congregational Christian Church in Tokelau (CCCT)

Location: Tokelau

Aims: To take the Good News to our people and possible the whole world. To proclaim the truth about the salvation of God in Jesus Christ

Website: N/A

Working with IBRA: Our partner in Tokelau translates our Bible reading notes into the Tokelauan language.  In 2011 they printed and distributed 300 copies. The notes are titled Tuhi Faitau Aho and are circulated throughout Tokelau and Tokelau communities in New Zealand for free.

The Congregational Christian Church in Tokelau is still relatively new, having only split from the CCCS in Western Samoa in 1997.  They currently have 12 congregations and over 10,000 members.  They are funded by small church donations and do not presently have another source of income.

'Fresh From the Word provides new and fresh insights into the meanings of the Bible by bringing up issues from our modern world to have a better understanding of them, and learn the true ways of God in Jesus in dealing with them.'