Western Samoa

Congregational Christian Church in Samoa (CCCS)

Location: Western Samoa


Working with IBRA: The Congregational Church in Samoa translate our Bible reading notes and the IBRA list of Bible readings into Samoan.  The translated notes are titled Mafutaga Faitau Tusi Paia.  In both 2010 & 2011 they printed and distributed 20,000 copies of Light for our Path and the daily Bible reading list.  These are circulated throughout Samoa, American Samoa, USA, Hawaii, Fiji, Tokelau, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1996 CCCS in Western Samoa distributed over 35,000 copies of the daily reading list, this has reduced slightly.  However, Mafutaga Faitau Tusi Paia has seen a steady increase in production, from 7000 in 2003 to 15,000 in 2006 up to the 20,000 produced today.

Our partner in Western Samoa is entirely funded by their own church.  All copies of Mafutaga Faitau Tusi Paia and the IBRA Bible reading list are circulated free of charge.

'It is always a pleasure for parish ministers and parishioners alike to read and absorb the materials in IBRA. The theological input of each writer is very rich and helpful in understanding of each theme and biblical texts. Our prayers always for the Holy Spirit to bless and guide the directions of this useful work.'