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This week's theme

Pastimes and pleasures in the Bible - 1 Time to relax

Today's reading

Psalm 104:10-18

Today's prayer

Creator God, thank you for the beauty of creation and the time to enjoy it. Help us to care and protect the Earth that it continues to be a place that sustains life!

Fresh From the Word

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For further thought

What can you and your community do to care for our shared creation?

Notice the meals prepared during international peace conferences or summits between nations. Do you think there is a healing purpose to them?

Which day is your favourite holiday?

Remember with gratitude a special moment of enjoying a meal with strangers.

Do you have a favourite garden or a peaceful place to relax in your city? Do you go there frequently?

What are the things you fear most and how can you stop running from them and start your journey back, especially in your relationships?

Is there a shelter or safe house for battered and abused women near you that could use your support?

Check in with yourself today and note how often you shun the unattractive, the not so pleasant and ugly.

Where can I help in initiatives that reach across divides of differences so that community bonds are strengthened?

Trust and belief are so necessary in everyday life yet often people break trust. How can I be more trusting in what I say and do?

It is devastating when cries for help and justice go unheard. How can I be a listening ear to them?

The journey this week has taken us to some dark places as relevant today as ever. When you hear the news today, hear about disaster and devastation, look for the signs of Gods life at work to bring Gods love. And be thankful.

What are the dark places that our society struggles with today? What might it mean for the Light of Christ to bring change there?

Where do the cultures in which we live collide with Biblical imperatives? Where can we show the graciousness of God?

Hold in your prayers any that you know are struggling. Pray that they may know themselves seen and heard.

Find out about human trafficking and organizations in your area. Follow Gods grace-filled lead.

what sound might remind you of Gods presence and kindness today -- a flowing stream, a thunderstorm, the wind in the trees?

What slogans and stories have most influence in our wider culture today? Do they help or hinder the witness of the Christian church?

In a destructive world, how can you act for mercy and justice?

When Jesus is involved in a situation, never think that grief and pain have the last word.

To what extent does the thought of being accountable to God motivate your Christian life?

New and Old. For us, two testaments. How, for you, do they shed light on one another?

Can you remember a moment when a parable that you thought you knew well suddenly taught you something fresh and new?

Imagine being called to act out our message like Ezekiel how would we know what we are asked to? Does it matter?

Reflect on the importance of prophetic symbolism for today: what would be one such symbolic act that a faith community may engage in?

What are the words we offer amid the harsh realities around us? Would these bear fruit? What new words should we contemplate?

Does the story favour David too much, so that he gets away with adultery and murder? Does our justice system favours or privileges the wealthy and powerful?

Reflect on the fact that in the book of Judges God is often represented as passive while women (many unnamed) are left to the excesses of men.

Who and where are our current dreamers? What kind of a world do you dream of? How can this dream take concrete shape? Where is it taking shape?

What one thing could you do today to make this world here and now just a little more like the world described in this reading?

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International Community

'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

Fellowship of Professional Workers

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This week's writer

Catherine is an Anglican priest working for the Archbishops Council in the Church of England. She facilitates the processes by which new clergy are selected to train for ordained ministry. Catherine lives in Tewkesbury and works in London. She is married

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