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This week's theme

Readings in Numbers - Testing times

Today's reading

Numbers 13:13, 1729

Today's prayer

God of the journey, prepare me for the realities ahead as I relinquish slavery. Clear my vision. Enable me to count the cost and commit to the freedom way.

Fresh From the Word

Futher thought 2

For further thought

We do not give something up until we want something else more deeply. What freedom do you desire? What slavery stands in the way?

Grandiosity may stem from insecurity. When you are tempted to undermine or disparage another, what fear is at work in you?

How might you include or inspire others to share in the ministry that God has placed on your heart?

Think of a way that you might offer the bread of life to others today. It could be feeding someone, comforting someone or sharing the gospel with them.

Look out for opportunities today to remind others of Gods presence with us in Christ.

Today we might pray that we experience afresh the Holy Spirit in our lives.

How might we become Gods agents of freedom and liberation? How might we help others experience that freedom?

Write down a verse from scripture and keep it with you so that you might be reminded of Gods blessing and pass it on to others.

What are your dreams for a kingdom of Gods rule? What can you do to make them a reality and to see them arise around you?

How can your actions today help clear the air around you?

Think of the contexts where religious persecution is prevalent, and pray for people who have become victims of violence in the name of religion.

As you listen to the news today, in what surprising ways do you think God is working in our world?

What are the ordinary ways your community might speak of God and envision God?

Reflect on at least two concerns of justice, one nearer to your home context and the other in the global context.

When God opens a door for you, even if it is unexpected and out of your experience, will you have faith and walk through it?

Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow him. What sacrifices will you make to do this whilst still honouring your relationships?

Who are the wolves that hunt you? Jesus said: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44). Will you do this?

When we respond to Jesus call he equips us to go. What is stopping you going? How will he equip you to proclaim his message?

What are you desperate for Jesus to do in your life and the lives of people around you? How will you bring this to him?

What is preventing you from walking to Jesus? Will you let him set you free? What might make you want to turn back?

The life of a disciple is not easy: its uphill all the way. What are you doing with your life? What is the quality of my personal commitment to the Jesus way of full life for all?

Reflect on the place of healing in our life together. What miracles have you seen in your own life or in the lives of those close to you? Consider where healing is needed and where your congregation is participating in such healing.

Consider what may be a current proposal, programme or scheme you or your community are embarking upon: what needs to be excavated and replaced? What do we need to give up or shed for God to reshape us for Gods purpose?

Where in my Christian practices am I betraying the way of Jesus? What of this way energises and challenges me the most?

Reflect on the fruits that you embody (what you think you see; what others see/know and experience) and the role of these in your discipleship.

Reflect on the current need in your community to change course. Consider your part in that turning and those whom you would wish to partner with.

What areas in your life need to go through the Refiners fire?

Examine yourself to see whether you are an agent of warm welcome.

Have you spoken words recently that will affirm, or cause harm?

No one is beyond Gods restorative mercies.

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'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

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Carla is a practical theologian and educator working in the areas of congregational trauma and sexual-spiritual integration, and a poet. She lives with her husband in Northumberland, England, and travels around the UK to lecture and speak. She is the auth

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