This week's theme

Easter in Luke and John

Today's reading

John 20:2431

Today's prayer

Thank you, Lord, for your peace which surpasses human understanding. Today we pray for all those who are without peace, those who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. May we all try to seek your peace today.

Fresh From the Word

For further thought

As you go about your day today, consider the places and situations around you in which you would like to see Jesus peace in action.

Take five minutes to ponder how you got to where you are making a timeline might be helpful. Bring before God your hopes of where you want to end up.

If, on Holy Saturday, you had to write a eulogy for Jesus, what would you want to say?

When in your life have things seemed particularly bleak? How have you seen the light of God shining through in those times?

Who do I know who stands with the innocent in the face of injustice? How can I support them and their work?

How can you help the Church to help people to be stirred up by Jesus?

Have you ever asked Jesus what he sees in you? What difference might it make if you believed in Gods belief in you?

What might beguile you to defend bad choices with good intentions? How might God be inviting you to make better choices?

Here is a challenge for believers. How is it possible to live the bread and wine existence in the twenty-first century?

What were Judas options that he didnt consider?

Todays scripture might be scary, but looking into areas of discomfort and wanting to learn is where we often make significant growth. Try it.

As human beings we are prone to lethargy, but we must learn the principles of being proactive and disciplined in developing our walk with God.

The Bible teaches us to give an intelligent response of the hope within us. Let us equip ourselves by learning how to question the questioners.

What material possession is most important to you? Will you give it to God liberally?

Think of those who shared their faith with you, and be thankful for the seed they sowed within your heart.

Remember the many aid organisations daily sharing bread and water with those who have travelled far, maybe fleeing persecution for their faith.

Remember to pray for those who are currently in real situations of exile, as refugees in foreign lands.

Remember those who are fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in another land.

Do you have conversations with God about things other than the more familiar prayer requests?

Is there a general reluctance to say sorry these days, particularly in the media spotlight, and why might that be?

Can you take time to retreat from the stresses of your life today? Allow yourself to hide awhile and invite Jesus to watch with you.

When was the last time you cried aloud to God? Who are some models of this kind of prayer in the Bible?

Is there an aspect or teaching of God that you think you fully understand? Spend some time today considering the idea that you might be wrong

If you can today, find a time to retreat from the busyness of doing and take a moment to sit in the quiet.

Whats in your heart? Draw a picture of it and fill it up with all of the stuff that concerns you at your centre.

If you found God, where would you take him? Where in your outward life could you invite righteousness, justice and equity today?

Consider inserting time into your regular schedule to be quiet and still. Even if it is only a few minutes a day at the beginning, you can always make it longer as you go.

If you are having trouble sleeping because of anxiety, would you consider speaking to a friend or a medical professional and getting some help? Too little sleep can seriously impact our health and ability to function.

In what ways can you allow your failures and weaknesses to reveal things that you never knew about yourself so that you can become a stronger, more resilient person?

What can you do today to stand up for a friend, colleague or family member who is being unfairly attacked or targeted by someone else?

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International Community

'Not-withstanding the stiff competition with other devotional guides, Fresh from The Word, has a unique feature in that it comes in the local languages as well. This makes it more accessible to people who are not literate in the English Language'.

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Alex is passionate about community transformation. She studied International Politics and Conflict in Belfast before returning to London to help found the Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) project. She has done interfaith work for West London

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