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This week's theme

Fake news and the Good News - Good News

Today's reading

Romans 10:115

Today's prayer

Be our light, Jesus, to illuminate our way and make our feet go happily faster as we share with others your eternal love. Amen

Fresh From the Word

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For further thought

How does your church beautifully proclaim Gods good news? How could it do so even more?

How many times is Pauls conversion told in the New Testament? How does his experience still challenge us today?

Where do you see the power of the resurrected Christ around you in the struggles your society is facing?

Who are the Christian witnesses who have challenged and nourished your community or country?

How can your church community share the good news with those who feel marginalised because they have broken the rules?

On the internet, search for artwork featuring the disciples on their way to Emmaus. Reflect on their new encounter with Jesus.

Could you put on an evangelising event using a magician to show the difference between truth and fake?

What can you do to help those who are living in poverty in your area? Can a free event be arranged to help them?

What are the criteria you would use for separating true and false news?

Can you check your resources (library, internet) to find out what could be classed as one of the biggest fake news stories of our time?

Is there an area that needs your prophetic voice? Seek this out and find the courage to speak.

How can you address the areas that have been revealed?

Are some of my allegiances, loyalties or patriotism distracting me from worshipping God above all?

We are called to be Christians not easy prey for people with no intention of doing good.

If I cant love someone as my dearest friend, can I love them as a thorn in the flesh, sent to humble my pride?

Am I more willing to share with and to give to certain people in need, than I am with others?

How understanding am I of another Christians sense of mission, when it makes them less available to me and to my own projects and priorities?

Can some secular guidance on group dynamics, mediating conflict or clear communication be useful to churches? Or do we reject them because theyre not Christian?

How is your local church making visible the one, united body of Christ?

If I say I love God, I should learn of God. When I learn of God, I understand God. When I have experienced Gods way I will know how to walk in it.

Consider how you can be a more active citizen in your community.

Restorative justice is often an option supported by local police. Is it available in your community, and how has it been used recently?

Write your own list of action words for love and how to live in community.

What differences can you note among the people with whom you have interacted today? How are these differences challenges, and how might they be opportunities?

How can we avoid exclusivism and arrogance about our relationship with God?

How would you respond to the statement, there is a church within the church, and outside the church?

What are the challenges in sharing the gospel in your culture and particular local space?

How do we relate with people of other regions and races even within our faith tradition?

How do we understand the statement that God can choose to be kind to some and hard on someone else?

How is this principle of faithfulness applicable in our everyday relations?

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'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

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Dafne is a journalist and social communicator. Her work involves travelling to other Latin American countries to lead seminars and speak at conferences. Shes a member of the Methodist Church in Argentina. In her local church, in Buenos Aires suburbs, sh

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