This week's theme

The big story: Bible framework

Today's reading

Exodus 24:9-18

Today's prayer

Thank you, Lord, that you have so much more for us than rules. Thank you for life in all its fullness.

Fresh From the Word

Fresh from The Word 2024


Futher thought 2

For further thought

Look at the ten commandments (Exodus 20) and see how they are all underpinned by the love of God.

What plans do we need to put on hold in order to give time to those who need our presence right now?

If love led Jesus to step down into our world, how should our love for others lead us? How can we step out of our world to genuinely be with others?

God could have destroyed us or left us to face the consequences of our sin and ignored us, but instead he promises to be with us. Spend time reflecting on the enormity of his great love.

Where else do we see God accommodating peoples wrong view of him? (Consider him giving them the law or a king, for example, or the very act of him becoming incarnate.)

How can you encourage others to use 'Fresh from The Word' as a means of ensuring that we really know what God has said?

Ultimately, Jesus has paid the price for our wrong choices. Reflect on the love he must feel for us to make the choice to create humankind, knowing the cost.

If you had to describe the big picture of the Bible story, what would you say? Try to write down your thoughts in a couple of sentences.

Who in your church community (or which other local congregations) do you find particularly hard to value? Why is that?

Do you have a story to tell of Gods call on your life? How does it go? What might the next chapter say?

A priesthood offers worship on behalf of the community and communicates Gods word to that community. How can you be a part of this?

Hope in the New Testament is not vague optimism, but a confidence that things can be different. How is that hope seen in your life?

If you have more political or social power than those early Christians, how might you use it to reduce the suffering of others?

Where is God sending you today, and what is the message that you will proclaim in the things you say and do?

Children are not perfect angels. Which childish ways might be less helpful to imitate, and who else might we learn from in those areas?

Holy Spirit, guide me in all I think, say and do, so that I may bear fruit for the kingdom and grow in faith. Help me to value the fruit you produce through the lives of others.

Think about the ways you follow God. How much does your church community know about these? How much do you know about the discipleship of other Christians or congregations? Do you pray for them?

If you have the time, either today or tomorrow, try reading the whole of St Marks Gospel in one go. Note the impression it leaves on you.

Which of the many gifts you have received from God has best enabled you to bear witness to him?

How might you try to answer those who regard the Christian message as both incredible and foolish?

As you hear or read the news today, take note of events or situations that are at least in part contrary to the values of the gospel.

The Noahs ark story appeals to children. What spoke to you when you first heard it? What makes it attractive to children today?

Is there anything in your own life that is making it more difficult to hear and recognise the ways in which God is calling you?

Reflect the all-inclusive nature of Jesus saving grace and list the ways you have offered this saving grace to the community around you.

How can we become places of welcome and safety to those who have nowhere else to go?

Try worshipping God with a lamp today. Make a checklist of how you are making the word and your life like a lampstand in your community.

Work out some remedies to help with the type of choking caused by the allure of wealth. How could these be used as a means of alleviating poverty in your context?

How are we, as the local church, branded in our communities? Are we known by our radical and reckless love for others?

Take an audit of your local congregation. Are we diverse, pluralistic and inclusive enough? What are our mission priorities?

How do you find rest? How will you create Sabbath space to pause with God? What can you do to encourage Sabbath in your community?

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