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This week's theme

Jeremiah - Glimmers of hope

Today's reading

Joel 2:116

Today's prayer

Lord God, help me to put you first in all things. Open my eyes to the crises that are emerging on our planet and give me courage to sound your warning.

Fresh From the Word

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For further thought

During this Advent season consider setting aside time to fast on a regular basis. Use the time to turn to God in prayer.

Which walls in your life, church or community would you like to see the Holy Spirit break down during this time of Advent?

Learn more about the global movement for debt justice, by exploring the work of a charity such as Jubilee Debt Campaign or Tearfund.

If you had to describe Jeremiah in ten words to a friend who had never read the Bible, what words would you choose?

We have no other record of the earthenware jar in which Baruch sealed Jeremiahs deed of purchase (verse 14). Perhaps the Bible itself is this vessel.

Jeremiah lived in an age long before human beings were able to bring about global climate change. What might he have to say about it, do you think?

How have people you know overcome tragedy and loss? If appropriate, gently begin a conversation with someone about their journey through grief.

According to this passage in Jeremiah, what would be a biblical vision for societys responsibility for the most vulnerable?

Look up pictures on the internet of Bidi Bidi in Uganda, the worlds largest refugee camp, and consider the ingenuity, joys and struggles of the residents there.

What do you do when you feel Gods plan is hidden?

Where might you hear God speaking today?

In what circumstances are we to challenge Gods plans, like Abraham did in Genesis 18:2233?

When was the last time you felt someones support in a challenging time? When was the last time you stood up for someone else?

Can you think of a time in your life when difficult advice from a friend or a mentor was exactly what you needed to hear?

Think today of those who are oppressed on account of their religion.

Where do we need healing today? How can we talk about it? Do we want to talk about it?

Am I like Jonah, wanting God to punish others? How can I remember that all Gods children are worth protecting?

What do we see that wakes us up to reality? Do we see things we are afraid to speak about?

What shakes your world? Where do you speak vividly and honestly about what you see?

What are the false gods that people around me are devoted to? How can our hearts find rest in the God of truth and love?

Look at recent news articles concerning your neighbourhood. What unacceptable things in your community are treated as normal?

What does the church of the poor mean to you? What might it mean to those in another context? Where is God in your awareness of the life of the poorest?

Consider your skills and abilities as God-given and for Gods glory in Gods world. Does that change anything for you?

How are you, your church and your community being the change you want to see in this world?

Who has modelled the Christian prophetic life to you?

What are the global injustices which stir you to join in seeking change through generous engagement and prayerful action?

What action could I take for those around me to know the gospel? Who are the needy and afflicted around me?

Which would you prefer to be on the receiving end of: the wrath of the lamb, or being saved by the blood of Christ?

Do we often romanticise about our past lives and limit any personal growth? Let us embrace our lives today, with a view towards tomorrow.

Are we too busy with our daily lives to remember God? We must slow down, look up from our devices and see Gods love that surrounds us.

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'IBRA Bible reading notes is a good tool for the employees to have the daily devotions based on the text of the day that can guide the Reader to be a witness bearer in one’s own situation. Introducing new believers to regular Bible reading is what IBRA is able to add strength to our efforts and we are grateful for this partnership.'

Fellowship of Professional Workers

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Read about our rich history and the origins of our founder Charles Waters, bank manager and Sunday School teacher – not a scholar, preacher, or public speaker – who had a gift for organisation and a vision for making the Bible accessible to all.

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